Part I

1. Quick Music for violin, cello, guitar, bass, keyboards

2. Transition for processed voices

3. Lazy Afternoon for voice, violin, cello, guitar, bass, keyboards (music and text by Hollaender)

4. Ascension

5. Processional

Part II

6. Prologue by Steve Stelios Adam 

7. Layers

8. Red Funk (

9. Music in Six

10. In these great times for violin, cello, guitar, bass, keyboards (text by Kark Kraus)

In these great times (2001)

"The ByrneBand is an electrified string ensemble with mandolin, electric guitar, DJ and keyboard programmer. With samples, effects, and amplification, the ByrneBand makes a graffiti-wall of ambient noise."

–Australian Financial Review

In these great times is a collection of pieces written for the ByrneBand (voice, violin, cello, mandolin, electric guitar, bass, and keyboards). The music combines hard-edged post-minimal instrumental pieces with vocal tracks suggesting warped German cabaret songs. Added to the mix are electronic soundscapes. Together they form a CD that blurs the boundaries between experimental new music, world music and rock'n'roll.

For this project Byrne is joined by the sound designer Steve Stelios Adam who contributes two pieces and adds an electronic element to the gritty amplified sound of the ByrneBand. The title "In these great times" is taken from an ironic text written in the 1930s by the Austrian writer/critic Karl Kraus.


The ByrneBand

Steve Adam, Electronics
Tullia Ashton-Lomax, Violin
Andrew Byrne, Keyboards & Bass
Howard Chaston, Violin
Peter Head, Cello & Guitar
Evan Meagher, Keyboards & Guitar
Robyn Winslow, Voice
Jethro Woodward, Bass & Mandolin

Recorded by Neil Kelly, Polka Records, Melbourne 2000
"Lazy Afternoon" recorded by Michael Hewes

Mixed and additional sond by Steve Adams
Mastered by Marc Tetz, Moose Mastering