Choral - Music Theater

The Othersiders: New Australians in Paraguay (2017, rev.) 
for 3 solo female voices, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, 2 pianos, and improvising choir (50 mins) 
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Whispers and Cries (2008) 
for choir, percussion quartet, and keyboards (30 mins) 
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Shadowshow (2001) 
for 8 solo voices, 2 samplers, and electronics  (35 mins)

Force (1999)
for choir & amplified ensemble (30 mins) 



Ensemble without voice 

A Ringing World (2011)
for percussion quartet (10 mins)
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Striking (2011)
for string quartet and chopsticks (12 mins)
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From the Backlands (2011)
for Melodicas and Untuned Percussion (11 mins)
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Cairn (2010)
for piano and four performers (7 mins)
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Bach in the Barrio (2009)
- version 1 for cello, electric guitar, accordion, soprano sax (6 mins)
- version 2 for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano (6 mins)

A Processional  (2008)
for two pianos (5 mins)

Three Visions of Li Bai: Three pieces for percussion quartet (2007)
"The Emperor Enters" for Peking opera gongs & drums (4 mins)
"Chasing the Moon" for metal instruments (5 mins)
"Li Bai Celebrates" for various percussion instruments (4 mins)

White Bone Country (2008) 
for piano and percussion (30 mins) 
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When Worlds Collide (2006) 
for string quartet and percussion quartet (12 mins) 
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Quick Music (2001)
for violin, electric guitar, bass, 2 keyboards (6 mins)
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Ascension (2001)
for violin, electric guitar, bass, 2 keyboards (8 mins)
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Layers (2001)
for violin, cello, bass, 2 keyboards (8 mins)
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Music in Six (2001)
for violin, cello, mandolin, guitar, bass (5 mins)
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Ensembles with voice 

Toward a Monument to the Great Strike, 2016-17
for solo voice and massed brass and woodwind instruments
collaboration with visual artist Tom Nicholson

Processional (2001)
for voice, violin, guitar, bass, 2 keyboards (5 mins)
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Red Funk (2001)
for voice, violin, guitar, mandolin, keyboard (6 mins)
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In these great times (2001)
for voice, violin, guitar, bass, keyboard (8 mins)
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Lines Towards Another Century , Parco delle Rimembranze, Venice

Lines Towards Another Century, Parco delle Rimembranze, Venice

Multimedia - Installations

Nine speakers for a comparative monument (Palestine) (2013) collaboration with visual artist Tom Nicholson
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Scene di disordine e confusione (2010)
collaboration with visual artist Francesco Simeti
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Lines Towards Another Century
collaboration with visual artist Tom Nicholson
- version 1 (2008) for string quartet, speaker, recorded voices
(70 mins)
- version 2 (2009) for 8 boom boxes and 8 bodies in motion
(30 mins)
- version 3 (2010) for recorded voices and Mandarin speakers
(127 days)
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Monument for the Flooding of Royal Park (2010)
one piano eight hands & video (20 mins)

23.01.1901/12.07.2005 (2006) 
for six amplified voices, snare, and electronics (35 mins) 

[in]visible years (2006)
music for documentary film (60 mins)

Footsteps: A Dance Video (2005)
soundtrack for video (30 mins)


Astra Choir conducted by Johm McCaughey

Astra Choir conducted by Johm McCaughey


Creeping Shadows (2013)
for amplified piano (12 mins)

Three Pieces for Stopped Piano (2010)
for solo piano (14 mins)

Book of Actions (2008)
for solo piano (30 mins)

Fata Morgana: Mirages on the Horizon (2007) 
for prepared piano (17 mins)
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Cradle Song (2007) 
for solo crotales (4 mins) 
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Six Dances (2003) 
for solo piano (18 mins)

Tracks (1998, revised 2006)
for solo piano (8 mins)
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David Shively, Percussion

David Shively, Percussion