A Ringing World
for percussion quartet

Duration: 11 minutes approx. 

In Part 1, the gongs and cowbell are activated by 6 vibrators, which are suspended and touching the gongs and cowbells. Performers turn the vibrators on and dampen the gongs as indicated in the score to create a "ringing  world."  In addition to the vibrators, two tam-tams are played with soft mallets creating a wash of sound from which the tune of Part 2 emerges. 

Part 1 is in a free tempo. Every "measure" with a fermata can last as long as the performer feels appropriate. Approximate timings are indicated at the rehearsal numbers. This is only to be regarded as a suggestion. Performers should not feel that they have to syncronize with the other parts in moment-to-moment details, although the broader progression of gestures is outlined in the score. 

In Part 2, an additive rhythm is repeated in various orchestrations.



Percussion 1:
3 crotales (d,e, g)
3 gongs (a, c, d)
2 cowbells (a & c)

Percussion 2:
toy piano

Percussion 3
4 gongs (f, b, d, e)

Percussion 4
3 tom-toms, bell, 2 cymbals, triangle 
In addition, two tam-tams and 6 vibrators are used in Part 1.